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My Last Supper

My Last Supper - Louise Roe

From martini's in Mayfair to Mexico & Mallorca. It's a vibe!

"My Last Supper is one of our favourite family games. We play constantly; by ourselves around the kitchen table, with friends on holiday; in the car on the school run. It never fails to excite." says Willow.

Our guest this edition is Louise Roe, the uber-chic broadcaster and fashion journalist. After a decade of hosting TV shows and living in Los Angeles, Lou has returned home to London where she lives with her husband Mackenzie Hunkin and their two small daughters.  

She has recently founded Sharland England, named after her great-granny and inspired by her elegant, nostalgic approach to decor and entertaining - for which she designs rattan furniture, rattan accessories and tabletop, all then handcrafted by artisans around the world.

On to Louise's 'My Last Supper.' As always we ask:

What would you have for your last meal on earth? A drink, a starter, a main course and pudding? You never get full and you can be wherever you want in the world…


Dukes in Mayfair, London & The Sunset Tower Hotel, Hollywood

I would begin with a Martini made at Duke’s in Mayfair...

I would begin with a Martini made at Duke’s in Mayfair, they come to your table and mix the best Martini in the world!

Then I’d whiz to Contramar in Mexico City- it’s a vibe! For tuna tostadas to start. People literally stay there from lunch all the way to dinner, it’s a party!

For my main, it’s got to be the salt-baked fish at Ca’s Patro March in Deia. The view over the ocean is heaven.

On to pudding! The Ice Cream menu at The Sunset Tower - you tick which flavour you want and the band plays piano in the background. It’s so quintessentially old Hollywood.


Follow Louise and her family life on @LouiseRoe and Sharland’s latest updates at @Sharland_England.